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We have several animals who help us to keep the surroundings free from thorny bushes such as gorse, blackberries and other weeds. There are chicken, goats and sheep,  They also eat the chestnuts and acorns, and thus ensure that no diseases are created around the chestnut trees. Their manure is also good for the chestnut forest.

The chicken provide us with fresh eggs and we milk our goats thus having our own goat cheese.


Our cats are there to cath the mice as well as for fun and to cuddle.




Our Dogs

We have three dogs: mother Gessy Montagne Pyrenee born january 2011. She is a real sheperd dog and therefor her task in life is to take care of the sheep and goats. She is very kind for animals and human beings as well. She has two daughters Java and Jola born october 2014.  These kinds of dog need a lot of space and like to be outside. Therefor we keep them in a special parc and take them out two times the day  so that they can run around in our own forest.